Final Collected Vexations

by The Black Dog

Plinth 02:27


The complete collection of all singles taken from the Black Dog‚s acclaimed Further Vexations album, plus the Slam remix of CCTV Nation taken from the Slam vs. The Black Dog EP.

Kicking it all off is 0093. Starting out as a brooding, dark techno workout, driven forward by a thunderous four-to-the-floor kick, the track twists around and develops into a shimmering, ecstatic cut guaranteed to get the hands in the air. You‚re Only SQL follows up, packing a hefty punch of breakbeat techno. This is a chunky, abrasive slice of malevolence intent purely upon resistance. Definitely one to test the most powerful of soundsystems at peak time, this one is sure to rile the dancefloor into a frenzy. The last track from the Vexing EP is an exclusive track, Plinth. This, in stark contrast to the rest of the EP, is one for the afterhours, showcasing the gentle, sedated side of the dog, bringing the pace right back down to finish it off.

Tunnels Ov Set is one of the most brooding works on the album and is given a monstrous work over here in three very different guises. The Crookes Mix, so called after a less-than-hospitable area of Sheffield, opens the EP with a dark, twinkling ominous tone, a threatening calm before the aural assault is launched. An Armageddon of percussion then proceeds to batter down upon the floor from above, destroying all in sight. The Bass Soldier continues the barrage with another of his techno-dubstep behemoths that will thunder over soundsystems with its vicious bassline and irate drum loops while the synths rain missiles down on the floor. The Black Dog then enlists old friends in Autechre to provide the final post-Apocalyptic reworking of the track. Their take is a glitched-out, skewed adaptation with a thick smoggy radioactive overtone covering the soundscapes. Tripside Syndicate returns the equilibrium with a serene slice of natural ambience which works well to balance out the We Are Sheffield EP as a whole.

The Vexing Remixes EP is kicked off by fellow Northerner Mark Stewart, aka Claro Intelecto, with his rollicking take on Northern Electronic Soul. A kick drum, laden in reverb, pounds over ducking bass and reversing, filtered stabs, all while a haunting and hollow bell clangs through. This track swings from side-to-side, knocking everything down in its path with a relentless, break-free groove. CCTV Nation is ironically treated by the anonymous man in the mask, Redshape. A slow and chunky beat builds with ticking percussion and distorted, phasing snares. Nods to Detroit fashioned from the original shine through the murky sub bass, as synths build and drop fluidly throughout. This remix has a classic and time-less air to it. Silicone Soul combines a slap funk b-line with the original synths, pads and shimmering percussion on their Skinclock remix. Working in tandem with tBd‚s original chord progression, the bass-line brings another dimension to the dark and brooding original, while glitched-out and sliced percussion adds elements of alarm to the swinging groove. This is Silicone Soul at the peak of their game. Kissing Someone Else‚s D.O.G. is reworked by the on-form Octogen in his typically f*cked-up fashion. Marco Bernardi has a style that is instantly recognisable with his analogue machines and classic-sounding percussion and this remix is no exception. Throw in some disjointed synth patterns and you have a remix that will amaze any dance-floor!

CCTV Nation is a track from that album that looks back to the Detroit golden years. It couldn‚t have been a better decision for Slam to pick this record for remix. For a duo that have always taken influence from Motor City, it is apt for them to turn out this stripped back and grooving, yet still powerful approach to the Black Dog's original.


released October 11, 2010


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